Keeping Her Unconscious – Ophelia Kaan and Jolene Hexx


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Keeping Her Unconscious starring Ophelia Kaan and Jolene Hexx
Ophelia is a witness in an important criminal trial and Jolene has been sent to make sure she never makes it to court! Ophelia comes home from work and Jolene spies on her. When Ophelia sits in a recliner chair, Jolene sneaks up, pushes the chair back and clasps a chloroform soaked cloth over her face. Ophelia struggles but soon slows down and passes out. With nothing else to do, Jolene begins fondling her victim. When Ophelia awakens, Jolene quickly knocks her out again. She undresses Ophelia for some more groping. Later, Ophelia gets up and tries to stagger away. Jolene follows her, applying the cloth to her face a few times. Finally, applies it long enough to knock her unconscious. A few minutes of great outtakes are included with the clip. 20 minutes. The Photo Set contains 69 photos. Scene #KOB0786

HD MP4 1920×1080 – 856MB

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