Keeping an Eye on Her – Loren Chance and Mary Jane Green


Keeping an Eye on Her starring Loren Chance and Mary Jane Green
Loren gives an exceptional performance in this thrilling chloroform scene. Evil coworker Mary Jane plans to rob the office safe while no one is around. But Loren shows up unexpectedly. MJ tries sneaking up on Loren several times but Loren keep turning around. Finally, MJ manages to catch Loren off guard and chloroforms her. Loren does some great, realistic struggling then some great eye-rolling as she slips into unconsciousness. Once she is out, MJ takes the opportunity to play with her. She fondles Loren, opening her blouse to get better access to her beautiful, natural breasts. The scene is very erotic as MJ sucks on Lorens nipples and abuses her limp body. Loren awakens, staggers out of the room and sits in an office chair. MJ catches her, tapes her to the chair and briefly tortures her with chloroform. She holds the cloth over Lorens mouth and nose several times and then pulls it away. Finally, she holds it there until Loren is unconscious and wheels her away on the office chair. Mary Jane, perv that she is, dumps the unconscious Loren on a bed, strips off her clothes and plays with her body, fondling and sucking her tits and rubbing her all over. Left alone, Loren awakens again and staggers away. MJ grabs her and tries to use the chloroform again. But, Loren wrestles the cloth away from her and chloroforms MJ instead! Loren wants some revenge so she drags MJ to the couch and fondles her thoroughly, partially undressing her and squeezing her luscious tits. Just as Loren is about to call the police, MJ’s accomplice shows up and knocks Loren out with a swift blow to the head. This is a very fun, erotic scene. A few minutes of outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0304
33 minutes. The photo set contains 181 photos. MP4 640×480

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