Karlie Unconscious and Bound – Karlie Montana


Karlie Unconscious and Bound starring Karlie Montana
Sexy Karlie is an investigative reporter posing as a secretary for an important executive. When he gives her some confidential papers, Karlie quickly looks at them. So, he hits her on the head and she collapses to the floor. He removes her shoes, plays with her feet, pulls up her skirt and fondles her ass. After checking her eyes, he uses smelling salts to wake her up. He questions her and when she refuses to tell him who sent her, he knocks her out with a neck pinch and carries her away. Karlie awakens tied to a chair. When she still refuses to talk, the brutal boss tortures her with chloroform, applying it then pulling it away a few times. Finally, he chloroforms her into unconsciousness. He carries her off to a couch, strips her and fondles her. When she wakes up, he chloroforms her again. Karlie is a fantastic sleepy actress and she does great things with her eyes. A few minutes of excellent outtakes are included with the scene. Scene #KOTI0195
32 minutes. The photo set contains 99 photos. 1280×640

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