Karlie in Duct Tape – Karlie Montana


Karlie in Duct Tape starring Karlie Montana
Hot rich girl Karlie has been captured by villain Tim. In shiny black leggings, sexy top and heels, Karlie is marched in tape-gagged and hands taped. Despite her struggling, Tim manages to tape Karlie’s ankles and knees. He threatens her and takes photos of her with today’s newspaper. Left alone, Karlie struggles. Eventually, she slides off her shoes and hops to the fireplace where she finds something that she uses to cut some of the tape. She frees herself and, still gagged, tries to run. But Tim captures her and marches her off to the bedroom. Karlie is ordered to strip naked. She is then made to gag herself more securely, wrapping the tape around her head. Tim tapes Karlie’s wrists and ankles and leaves her there. Her naked body looks amazing as she squirms around on the bed. Tim returns and frees her ankles. He tells her he is taking her for a ride. But she manages to knock Tim down and runs to safety! A few minutes of great outtakes are included. 22 minutes. Scene #BG0768

MP4 1280×720.

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