Karlie Gets Gagged – Karlie Montana



Karlie Gets Gagged starring Karlie Montana
Karlie looks incredible and gives a very sexy performance in this unusual scene which was shot as a custom. Karlie is securely bound with rope. She’s in a tiny bikini and strappy high heels. She struggles sensuously for a while then speaks to the camera, taunting you about not gagging her. We next see Karlie with some silver duct tape plastered over her mouth. She struggles some more and toward the end of the scene, she is barefoot with her big toes tied together. Next, Karlie is naked. She is bound, standing with her hands and upper body bound. After a bit of sexy struggling she talks to you, asking if you want to put something hard in her mouth. We next see Karlie hogtied on the bed with a hard ballgag in her mouth! She’s irritated and mumbles “That’s not what I meant”. After a couple of minutes of struggling, Karlie is gagged with shiny tape wrapped around her head. Next, Karlie is tied in just panties, on her knees leaning over a table. She talks to you again, this time complaining about how she’s always getting kidnaped. She mistakenly mentions being gagged and is next seen with tape wrapped around her mouth. She whimpers and struggles. There are some nice shots of her slightly dirty bare soles. In a very short closing scene, Karlie is standing in just panties with her hands bound and tape over her mouth. She looks at the camera pleadingly. Karlie is very charming in the fun outtakes that conclude the scene. 35 minutes. Scene #BG0747

MP4 1280×680. The photo set has 90 photos.

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