Karlie Captured and Carried – Karlie Montana


Karlie Captured and Carried starring Karlie Montana.
Sexy Karlie is sleeping peacefully in her bed when a mysterious intruder sneaks in. He takes a washcloth from the bathroom and soaks it in a liquid. Climbing onto Karlie’s bed, he slaps a piece of duct tape over her mouth and presses the washcloth to her face. Karlie struggles hard but her eyes roll and she goes limp. The villain carries her limp, scantily-clad over his shoulder to his hideout. He strips Karlie to her panties and does some heavy manipulation of her body. When Karlie awakens, he soaks her t shirt and wraps it around her head. With much fighting and eye-rolling, Karlie goes limp again. He carries her away in his arms (a really nice carry). About 4 minutes of excellent outtakes are included. They feature lots of shots of Karlie being captured. Scene #KOB0604
The scene is 13 minutes. 1280×720.

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