Just Like Lois Lane – Chrissy Marie


Just Like Lois Lane starring Chrissy Marie
Chrissy couldn’t be cuter or more desirable in this fun scene featuring fairly light bondage. There are 3 scenarios: First, Chrissy, looking adorable in casual skirt, talks to her superhero boyfriend on the phone about how she keeps getting captured and tied up. When she hangs up, a villain enters and grabs Chrissy. He ties her on camera with strips of cloth then gags her with her own shiny headband. He briefly gropes Chrissy then leaves her to struggle. She looks incredible as she squirms around. When the hero (who does not actually appear on camera) comes home, he dispatches the villain but pauses before untying his tasty girlfriend. Chrissy smiles under her gag and uses her stunning eyes to tease him a bit before he unties her. In part 2, Chrissy lounges on the couch in jean shorts, clingy top and bare feet. When the hero comes home, she teases him (all teasing is done directly to the camera). She says she kind of likes being tied up and held captive…and, of course, being rescued. The hero knows what’s up and ties Chrissy’s hands. She’s so cute as she pretends to be helpless. She’s brought into the bedroom where the teasing continues. She acts like the hero is a villain and sweetly pleads for mercy. He gags her with a neck tie, ties her feet and lets her struggle sexily on the bed. There are plenty of shots of Chrissy’s lovely feet. Finally, he pulls her top up, exposing those perfect tits. In part 3, Chrissy, in a super sexy black dress and heels, talks to her friend on the phone. A villain sneaks in and puts a spell on Chrissy, freezing her. He makes her sit down and ties her up. He pulls a tight white cloth over her mouth and then places a substance nearby that will thwart the hero. Chrissy is left to struggle. When the hero returns, he thinks she is playing a game and doesn’t take her seriously. She tries hard to communicate through her gag but he doesn’t get it. She manages to get her gag off and warns him but it’s too late. He falls to the floor and watches as his girlfriend is carried off over the villain’s shoulder. Scene #BG0765

MP4 1280×720. 39 minutes (1GB), the outtakes are 6 minutes.

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