Just Being a Good Neighbor – Jolene Hexx and Agatha Delicious





Just Being a Good Neighbor starring Jolene Hexx and Agatha Delicious

The ladies look amazing and really get into their sexy roles in this incredibly erotic chloroform scene! In Clip 1, neighbors Jolene and Agatha chat innocently. But, when Jolene starts touching her, especially her belly, Agatha is intrigued. Things escalate quickly and the girls start exploring each other’s bodies. Jolene wants to try something new. She soaks a cloth and sneaks up on her friend. She clasps the cloth over her face. Agatha is shocked and fights a bit but then gives in to the fumes and passes out. Jolene enjoys Agatha’s body, groping her all over. She gives special attention to her belly which she also licks. When Agatha awakens, she’s totally turned on and wants to play some more. She soaks the cloth while Jolene waits in anticipation. Agatha chloroforms Jolene who’s eyes roll back as she goes unconscious. Agatha gropes her limp friend and enjoys her belly and belly button. It’s Agatha’s turn again so she sits on the edge of a chair while Jolene soaks the cloth. Jolene teases her with the cloth, giving her a few whiffs. Then she clasps it over her face. Agatha struggles and goes limp. Jolene pulls off Agatha’s jeans and gropes her all over, including her sexy stomach. Agatha awakens and Jolene applies the cloth again, knocking her out. When she awakens a second time, Agatha is ready for more fun. In Clip 2, Jolene sits on the edge of the chair and Agatha teases her with the cloth. Then she chloroforms her and pushes her over onto the chair. She removes Jolene’s jeans and gropes her body and belly. When Jolene awakens, Agatha uses the cloth on her again. The second time she awakens, the girls are hungry for more chloroform. Agatha sits on a recliner chair. Jolene chloroforms her while groping her body. Agatha goes limp and Jolene strips her to her panties. She gropes and licks her. Next, Jolene stands in a doorway and Agatha sneaks up on her. Jolene struggles briefly but then her eyes roll back and she passes out in Agatha’s arms. Agatha carries Jolene to a chair for more fondling and belly play. Finally, the girls decide they both want to be unconscious. They sit facing each other and share a chloroform cloth, breathing in the fumes until the both go limp.

In most of the chloroformings, we cut a few times between different shots. If you prefer your chloroformings in one shot without any cuts, check out the Alternate Takes Clip. It is just the chloroformings…none of the story stuff or groping scenes. Most of them are one continuous shot. A few have one cut. There are also some outtakes. Scene #KOB0752

HD MP4 1920×1080

Clip 1 – 35:00 – 1.5GB

Clip 2 – 29:00 – 1.3GB

Alternate Takes – 19:00 – 745MB

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