Jewel Heist Hostages – Diana Grace, Jenna Noelle


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Jewel Heist Hostages starring Diana Grace and Jenna Noelle
Diana and Jenna give excellent performances in this exciting crime drama bondage scene!
Diana is lounging at home, excited that she and her business partner Jenna will be making a big sale tomorrow at their jewelry store.  Some criminals break in and Diana is bound and gagged with tape. She squirms around on her bed, desperately trying to free herself. She hops into the hall but quickly gets caught. Diana is ordered to get dressed in her business skirt outfit with pantyhose and heels. When Jenna arrives the next day, she’s shocked to find Diana bound and gagged. Both girls end up securely bound with rope and gagged with bandanas. Slipping their shoes off, they try to use their toes to get free but it is useless. After the bad guys get the money, they order the girls to strip naked and gag each other with packing and tape. They’re left in a small closet, bound together, naked, humiliated and terrified. This is a fun scene. It has the feel of a true crime show with Diana and Jenna narrating the story and describing their bondage ordeal. The outtakes, which are sold separately, include lots of second camera footage of the girls bound and gagged. The scene is 32 minutes. Outtakes are 24 minutes. Scene #BG0883

HD MP4 1920×1080
Scene – 1.4GB

Outtakes – 990MB

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