Jade Goes Down – Jade Nile


PREVIEW for a video preview of the clip.

Jade Goes Down starring Jade Nile
Jade is an incredible sleepy actress and she’s chloroformed several times. You’ll get 2 hot scenes plus outtakes on one clip! First, Jade is walking through her house when she’s confronted by evil Donovan. He tells her he has some cloth samples for her to look at but then presses the cloth to her face. Jade struggles for a moment but then her eyes flutter and she goes limp, resting her head on Donovan’s shoulder. He drags her to the sofa and fondles her briefly. When she awakens, he uses the cloth on her again. We’ve included 2 versions of this scene using different footage for each version. Next, Jade is doing laundry when Donovan sneaks in behind her. He grabs her and clasps the cloth over her face. Her eyes roll back and she goes limp. He drags her to the couch. When she awakens, her wrists and ankles are tied. Jade struggles. When Donovan returns. he torments Jade with the cloth, applying it to her face and pulling it away several times. Finally, he holds it to her face and she goes limp, falling over onto the couch. Some great outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0681. 13 minutes. 1920×1080.

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