Jade and Bella’s Sleepy Show – Jade Nile, Bella Carrera



Jade and Bella’s Sleepy Show starring Jade Nile, Bella Carrera

The girls have a new male roommate. Bella tells Jade that she snuck around in his rom and found a bottle of liquid, a cloth with lipstick and photos of women asleep. The girls are a bit nervous but the more they talk about it, the more exciting it sounds. They decide to try it. They soak a cloth in the liquid and take turns sniffing it. Their eyes roll and they start to get tired. Bella wants to go limp so she lies back and lets Jade hold the cloth over her face. With her gorgeous eyes rolling and fluttering nicely, she goes limp. Jade is really excited. She plays with her limp friend, moving her limbs around and fondling her tits. Bella, though still asleep, starts to enjoy being touched and moans. She starts waking up but reaches over and grabs the cloth. She presses it against her own face till she goes back to sleep. After a while, Jade wants to wake her up so she tickles her. In a burst of laughter, Bella awakens. She describes how she felt while she was limp. Jade wants to try so she stands up. Bella grabs her from behind and clasps the cloth over her face. With some great eye rolling, Jade goes limp and Bella plops her down on the couch. She plays with Jade, manipulating her and sensuously fondling her. When Jade starts to awaken, Bella applies the cloth again. Suddenly, the male roommate comes home and is shocked and intrigued. Jade wakes up and is surprised to see the guy staring at her. The girls decide to give their new friend a show. They soak the cloth and each girl holds it to the other’s face. Their eyes roll back and flutter and they both go limp. This is an unusually sexy clip…even though there’s no nudity! The girls are cute as hell. You’ll be wishing they lived with you. A minute of fun outtakes is included. 29 minutes. Scene #KOB0691 MP4 1920×1080

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