It’s No Fun Fainting Alone – Ashley Lane and Danni Rivers



It’s No Fun Fainting Alone starring Ashley Lane and Danni Rivers
A beautiful scene starring 2 extraordinarily beautiful girls. Ashley and Danni met online because they’re both love fainting. They undress to their sexy lingerie and admire each other’s bodies. Ashley suggests a little practice. She pretends to swoon and falls onto Danni’s lap. Danni lovingly caresses her new friend’s face and hair and plays with her mouth. Danni wants to try so she holds her hand to her forehead and falls to Ashley’s lap. Ashley enjoys Danni’s face for a bit. Then they do it for real. Ashley stands in front of Danni. When Danni says the trigger word, Ashley faints and Danni catches her. She moves Ashley to the floor and plays with her head, hair and face. She does eye checks and distorts Ashley’s mouth. She takes Ashley’s bra off and sensuously fondles her breasts and body. After a few kisses on the mouth, Ashley awakens. Now it’s Danni’s turn. When the trigger word is spoken, Danni falls into Ashley’s loving arms. Danni is placed on a chair where Ashley manipulates her head and neck.  She does eye checks and plays with Danni’s beautiful mouth. She takes her bra off for some nice breast and body fondling. She moves Danni to the sofa and gives her a few kisses.  Danni awakens and the girls are excited about their new relationship. 27 minutes. Scene #KOB0722

HD MP4 1920 x 1080 (1GB)

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