Irresistible Feet – Emily Addison and Mary Jane Green


Irresistible Feet starring Emily Addison and Mary Jane Green

Mary Jane knocks out co-worker Emily and enjoys her luscious feet in this sexy scene. Looking hot in a short dress, pantyhose and heels, Emily relaxes at home while obsessed Mary Jane watches her. When Emily stands up, MJ hits her on the head, knocking her out cold. MJ then briefly plays with Emily’s face and body before turning her attention to her shapely little feet. She plays with Emily’s shoes, dangling them from her feet. Removing the shoes, MJ caresses and licks Emily’s feet. She even rubs them against her breasts. Emily awakens and sits up, only to be clobbered with the club again. MJ then tries a few different pairs of stockings and shoes on her lifeless victim. Eventually, Emily is stripped to just her thigh high stockings. She awakens again and tries to stagger away but MJ knocks her out with 2 blows to the head. Scene #KOB0414

37 minutes. The photo set has 58 photos. MP4 640×480

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