Intimate Hostages – Charlotte Stokely and Sinn Sage


Intimate Hostages starring Charlotte Stokely and Sinn Sage
Mary Jane and Danny are planning a crime caper. They are robbing the safe at the office where MJ works and they need security codes to do it.When MJ’s coworkers Charlotte and Sinn arrive for what they think is a night of partying, MJ and Danny take them hostage. The girls, looking incredible in short, tight dresses, pantyhose and heels, are terrified and plead to be released. But, after getting their security codes, Mary Jane tosses some shiny tape to Sinn and forces her to tie up Charlotte. Reluctantly, Sinn binds her friend securely. Mary Jane then ties Sinn and, despite their protests, uses cloth packing and more shiny tape to gag both girls. Left alone, the helpless hostages struggle on the bed, whimpering and crying. They try hard to free themselves but it is useless. They manage to work their shoes off and attempt to use their toes to get loose but nothing works. MJ and Danny return with the money. They untie the girls and force them to strip naked. Then, both girls are securely bound with rope and their mouths are gagged with packing and elastic bandages. The two perverted criminals fondle the girls intensely. They push them against each other and force them to rub their breasts together and kiss through their gags. Horribly humiliated, the girls plead and whimper. Finally, the girls are bound face to face with their arms around each other. The villains take off with their money, leaving their victims in this cruel position. The girls struggle hard, their bodies rubbing together. But, after a while, we suspect they are enjoying their erotic plight. The included outtakes contain some great shots of the girls being tied and gagged by guest roper Mary Jane. Scene #BG0442
37 minutes. The photo set contains 88 photos. MP4 640×480

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