In Love With Her Hair – Celeste Star



In Love With Her Hair starring Celeste Star
Celeste is beautiful and cute in these 2 sexy knock out scenes which puts the emphasis on her exquisite long hair. The chloroformings contain less intense struggling than our usual scenes. First, Celeste relaxes on the couch in just panties and a little white top. Tim sneaks in and is captivated by her beautiful hair. He soaks a cloth with chloroform and waits to pounce. Celeste stands up to stretch and Tim grabs her, clasping the cloth over her face. Celeste struggles a bit before the drug takes effect. With eyes fluttering, she passes out in Tim’s arms. He holds her up for a while before putting her on the couch. He sits behind her and plays with her gorgeous hair, sniffing it’s sweet scent. When Celeste awakens, he gently chloroforms her again. Then he carries her away, her hair hanging beautifully. In the second scenario, Celeste is in a hot little dress. Tim watches in awe as she brushes her hair. When she stands up, he sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her. After some great eye-rolling, Celeste collapses in his arms. He places her limp body on the couch where he plays with her hair, sniffing it. Celeste awakens and stands up, still groggy. Tim chloroforms her again and carries her away. About 7 minutes of excellent outtakes are included. They feature some great chloroform footage. Scene #KOB0560
33 minutes. The photo set has 120 photos. 1280×640.

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