In Love with Her Face – Celeste Star


In Love with Her Face starring Celeste Star
Celeste gives her boyfriend a birthday gift – a bottle of chloroform. She tells him to knock her out and do as he pleases. She goes into the bathroom, changes into some incredibly hot lingerie and tosses her pantyhose to him. He soaks the hose in chloroform and approaches. Celeste is excited and turns her back so he can sneak up on her. He clasps the nylons over her face and knocks her out. Celeste is dragged into the living room where the guy holds her body up and sways back and forth. Then he picks her up in his arms and holds her for a little while. He places her on the couch and begins playing with her face. He does some eye checks and manipulates her mouth. He also strokes her sexy legs and plays with the tops of her stockings. He removes Celeste’s bra and repositions her body a few times. Later, Celeste, still unconscious, is seated on the floor. She awakens and is very groggy. She smiles as her boyfriend clasps the pantyhose over her mouth, knocking her out again. Celeste’s limp body rests over the guys lap and he manipulates her face some more. He then picks her up in his arms and, after holding her for a bit, he carries her away. We next see Celeste in the bathtub where the guy continues to play with her lovely, peaceful face. She awakens briefly but goes back to sleep. Celeste is carried over his shoulder to the living room and placed on a coffee table. Her face and feet are toyed with. She wakes up and staggers away but the boyfriend gently chloroforms her again. Celeste is carried over the guys shoulder to the bed for some more facial manipulation. She wakes up and thanks her boyfriend for the wonderful erotic experience. He clasps the pantyhose over her face and knocks her out again. The outtakes contain a few shots of Celeste being knocked out and some footage of her goofing around between takes. Scene #KOB0425
66 minutes. The outtakes are 4 minutes. The photo set contains 250 photos. MP4 640×480

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