In His Clutches – Ariel Anderssen


In His Clutches starring Ariel Anderssen
Tall, gorgeous Ariel falls into a madman’s clutches in this intense scene. After drinking a drugged soda, she passes out and awakens tightly chair bound. Her sexy body and long legs look incredible in short skirt, blouse, shiny tan pantyhose and red heels. She is groped, threatened and intimidated by Jack, then rudely gagged with a ballgag.  Ariel is bound on her knees, still in her hot skirt outfit. A cloth gag silences her protests. Her tender flesh stings from Jacks vicious crop. He targets her shapely ass and tender thighs, and feels up her lace covered tits. Ariel is bound to a table, now in just pantyhose and bra, with a powerful vibrator roped against her sweet pussy. Ariel is turned on beyond belief! But Jack refuses to let her cum. On camera, he reties her, lashing her elbows tightly behind her. After running his hands over her helpless body, he binds her into an extra-strict sitting ball tie. Her mouth taped, Ariel moans and begs for release but Jack leaves her helpless and whimpering. Scene #BG0462

32 minutes. MP4 640×480.

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