Impersonating a Police Officer – Cali Logan and Charlie Laine


Impersonating a Police Officer starring Cali Logan and Charlie Laine
Cocky cop Cali is clobbered and captured by Charlie in this campy crime scene! Cali is a rookie police officer escorting master thief Charlie to prison. Devious Charlie pretends to be innocent and convinces Cali to take her to an old hideout where she claims to have more stolen goods. When they get there, Cali decides to show Charlie that she is in control by fondling her. She sits Charlie down, opens her prison jumpsuit and fondles her breasts. Charlie tricks Cali into loosening her handcuffs and, once free, she attacks her. The girls fight and Cali is hit and knocked out. When she awakens, Charlie orders her to strip and tells her that she will steal her uniform and identity and escape. Totally humiliated, Cali strips naked and is marched off to a bedroom where Charlie hits her again, knocking her out. Charlie carries Cali over her shoulder to the bed and fondles her limp body. Cali awakens bound and gagged and must endure more humiliating fondling before being knocked out with chloroform. With Cali unconscious, Charlie makes her transformation. She puts on Cali’s uniform and does her make up and hair to look like Cali. Meanwhile, Cali awakens and gets loose. But, when she tries to escape, she is confronted by Charlie. The girls fight and Cali is knocked out again and dragged away. She awakens bound with her mouth taped. She is made to lie on the cold, hard floor in a small room and is hogtied. Charlie kicks Cali a few times before chloroforming her again. When Cali awakens, she realizes that Charlie is gone and that she is alone with no way to escape! The outtakes include some great shots of Cali being tied. Scene #KOTI0156
38 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. The photo set contains 122 photos. MP4 640×480

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