I’m Calling the Cops – Jade Nile



I’m Calling the Cops starring Jade Nile
This fun clip has 2 chloroform stories plus outtakes from both. First, looking great in short shorts and top, Jade talks to her sleazy accountant. He has stolen some money from her and she threatens to call the cops. But the guy clasps a cloth over Jade’s face. She struggles and slides to her knees. Her eyes flutter and she passes out. The creepy con man gropes Jade’s limp body, pulling her top up to expose her luscious tits. When Jade awakens, she groggily staggers away. The guy follows her, applying the cloth to her face a few times and then releasing her. Finally, he holds the cloth over her face till she passes out. Some great outtakes follow, including alternate edits of the first chloroforming which use different footage. The second story is quick and simple. Jade, in a cute little dress, is grabbed from behind by an intruder and chloroformed to unconsciousness. He picks her up in his arms and carries her off. A few outtakes follow. This is a great-looking video and the performances by Jade, and villain Donovan, are excellent. Scene #KOB0682

14 minutes. MP4 1920×1080

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