I’ll Do It If You Take My Clothes Off – Bella Carrera, Star Nine



I’ll Do It If You Take My Clothes Off starring Bella Carrera and Star Nine
The girls have fun playing with chloroform in this incredibly hot clip. Bella and Star come home from a night of partying and realize they have to go to work in just a few hours and they need sleep. Bella suggests trying some chloroform. Star is reluctant but agrees. Bella soaks a cloth and applies it to Star’s face a few times, making Star’s eyes roll. Finally, she holds it there till Star passes out. Bella can’t resist her friend’s luscious body and starts playing with her. She strips Star down to her panties and really gets into the groping. Star awakens feeling horny. Bella says she’ll agree to be knocked out if Star agrees to strip her while she’s out. Star soaks the cloth and puts her friend to sleep. Star strips Bella to her panties and fondles her sexy friend. When Bella awakens, the girls decide to knock each other out. They soak the cloths and put them in masks over their faces. Facing each other and fondling each other, the girls pass out and fall on the couch next to each other. This is a very erotic scene starring 2 excellent actresses!

28 minutes. Scene #KOB0711
MP4 1920×1080 (894mb)

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