I Thought We Were Friends – Jade Nile, Celeste Star



I Thought We Were Friends starring Jade Nile and Celeste Star
The girls give fine performances in this thrilling, well-directed chloroform scene! In Clip 1, Jade wants to go to a concert so her friend Celeste brings her to ticket scalper Tim. But when they get to Tim’s house, Celeste tells Jade that she is being kidnapped for ransom! Tim grabs hold of Jade. Celeste soaks a cloth in chloroform as Jade looks on in horror. Celeste cruelly applies the cloth to Jade’s face. Jade struggles hard but then her body goes limp and she passes out. Tim carries Jade to another room and places her on a sofa. In an incredibly sexy scene, Celeste enjoys the limp body of her beautiful friend. She gropes her, partially undresses her and kisses her. Celeste leaves Jade there. In Clip 2, Jade wakes up and staggers away but Tim catches her and knocks her out with chloroform. Now it’s his turn to enjoy Jade. He strips her naked and gropes her luscious limp body. He holds Jade up in his arms and dances with her. Celeste returns and is pissed off. While yelling at Tim, she makes the mistake of turning her back to him. She is shocked when he clasps the cloth over her face and knocks her out. Celeste is stripped naked and placed on the couch. Tim puts Jade on top of Celeste and leaves the girls there. The hot outtakes contain unused footage from the chloro scenes as well as shots of the girls joking around. There’s also a cute moment when Jade talks about how sexy it is being groped by Celeste while she acts unconscious. Scene #KOB0587

The full scene is 28 minutes, clip 1 is 15 minutes, clip 2 is 14 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. 1280×720. The photo set has 123 photos.

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