I Keep Blacking Out – Sinn Sage and Mary Jane Green


I Keep Blacking Out starring Sinn Sage and Mary Jane Green
Sinn tells roommate Mary Jane that she has been fainting a lot lately and having weird dreams. Later, when Sinn does some laundry, Mary Jane soaks a pair of pantyhose in chloroform and attacks her friend. Sinn struggles briefly then her eyes roll back and she passes out. Mary Jane drags Sinn to the couch where she lightly fondles her and manipulates her body. When Sinn starts to wake up, MJ puts the chloroform cloth in a dust mask and attaches it to Sinn’s face. Sinn stays in a semi-conscious state for a while, her eyes rolling and fluttering continuously. She tries to get up and get away from MJ who continues to play with her body. The groping gets more intense. Then MJ takes the mask off and Sinn gets up and staggers to the bedroom. Sinn watches, frightened as MJ soaks the cloth and applies it to her face. Sinn passes out and MJ pushes her to the bed, removes her nylons and leaves her there. About a minute of great outtakes are included with the scene. 24 minutes. MP4 1280×640

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