I Hate Lesbians – Anastasia Pierce and Berlin


I Hate Lesbians starring Anastasia Pierce and Berlin
Hot lesbians Anastasia and Berlin are on a date at Anastasia’s home. But, lesbian-hating Liam spies on them through a window and decides to have some fun with them. He sneaks in and drugs their drinks. The girls try to get romantic but the drug takes effect and, in a very hot scene, they start going to sleep while they make out. They become more and more tired and eventually pass out. Liam carries the girls to a bedroom where he poses them in some very sexy positions. Things get even hotter when he strips them naked and continues to manipulate their limp bodies. When the girls awaken, they are confused and disoriented. Liam returns and knocks them out again with vicious blows to the head. Scene #KOB0342
19 minutes. The photo set contains 111 photos. MP4 640×480

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