Hypnotized Superheroines Collection


Hypnotized Superheroines Collection
An assortment of clips and photos featuring hypnotized superheroines! You’ll get:

SHHYP0001 My Roommate is a Superheroine! starring Charlie Laine and Nikita Lea
Charlie thinks her roommate is very strange. She has no idea that Nikita is secretly a superheroine until one of Nikitas enemies leaves a video player with a hypnotic message on the doorstep. When Charlie watches the video, she becomes hypnotized. Under the control of the villain, Charlie becomes the villainous Black Cobra and sets out to destroy her superheroine friend. Charlie gives Nikita a ring and, when Nikita puts it on, she too is hypnotized. In front of a video camera, Charlie beats up Nikita and dominates her. She even knocks Nikita unconscious with a blow to the head. Later, Charlie fondles and spanks Nikita and further humiliates her by ordering her to strip and dance. She binds and gags the nude Nikita and toys with her by bringing her in and out of the trance. When the villain arrives to pick up the embarrassing video, he decides to take the entranced girls with him. He snaps his fingers and they follow their new master. To be honest, Nikita is very cute and the scene is a lot of fun but her performance is not very convincing. The scene is 27.5 minutes. Photo set contains 120 photos.

SHHYP0003 Hypnotized Superheroines At My Command starring Isabella Blue and Tiffany Taylor
Isabella thinks she is got the upperhand with one of her nasty foes until he takes off his sunglasses and blasts her with his hypno-vision! Now she is his slave and obligated to follow his evil bidding. He orders her to hynotize her superheroine friend Tiffany. Isabella zaps Tiffany with the inescapable hypno-vision and the two return to the villian’s lair of evil. He interrogates them for top-secret information before forcing them to strip, pillow fight, and caress each others super-sexy bodies. The scene is 11 minutes. Photo set contains 196 photos.

SHHYP0006 Truth, Justice and Porn starring Sinn Sage and Jassie
Sinn and Jassie are enthusiastic young superheroines who unwittingly walk into a trap masterminded by the nasty Miracolo. After inhaling a hearty does of hypno-gas, the two superheroine super-hotties act out a stereotypical porn storyline about a plumber and a customer who cant pay…in cash. Next, Sinn dances like a horny stripper while Jassie tells her what to do. Sinn gets naked and practically presses her delicious pussy against the camera lens. Before long, the girls are overcome with lust and start to kiss and fondle each other. Then, the nefarious Miracolo makes them act out a strip-search between a brutal cop and her suspect, highlighted by spanking and a simulated cavity search. The scene is 13.5 minutes. Photo set contains 107 photos.

SHHYP0010 Spell of the Black Mistress starring Amber Michaels and Nina Neon
Superheroine Silver Fox (Amber) has discovered the sexy villainess Black Mistresses (Nina) secret lair. Unfortunately for her, the Black Mistress has a hypnosis beam that she uses to instantly entrance Silver Fox and put her under her control. Fox zombie walks to Black Mistress headquarters where the evil villainess is waiting for her. She commands Fox to kneel and pledge her undying loyalty. She orders her to take off her top then puts her under a spell to become uncontrollably horny for her. The babes caress and grind against each other for a while. Mistress orders Fox to get dressed. Then, she gives her the hypno device and orders her to go to headquarters and hypnotize all her fellow heroines! The scene is 10 minutes. The photo set contains 44 photos.

SHHYP0014 Fall of the Blue Falcon starring Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane looks stunning as superheroine Blue Falcon. She breaks into a villain’s headquarters, but it has been booby-trapped. A siren goes off and Blue Falcon is instantly hypnotized by a red flashing light. With arms stretched in front of her like a zombie, she walks over to the light. A voice commands her to perform a striptease. She obediently removes her clothes, showing off her milky white skin and slender body. She keeps her boots and pantyhose on, which looks really hot. Blue Falcon shakes her luscious ass and dances sensuously for a while. Then, the voice commands her to retrieve a box from upstairs. Once she has carried the box down the stairs, the voice commands her to get dressed and bring the box (which contains a bomb) to superheroine headquarters! The scene is 12 minutes. The photo set contains 40 photos.

SHHYP0016 Mega Girl Becomes Slave Girl starring Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane is really hot as Superheroine Mega Girl. She enters the villainous Dr. Miracolo’s headquarters and snoops around. She opens a booby-trapped briefcase with a hypnotic light inside. The voice of Dr. Miracalo booms through the intercom and entrances her. Mega Girl struggles to fight his hypnotic powers but it is useless. Her eyes become glassy and she is hypnotized. Miracolo appears and orders Mega Girl take off her mask. He starts calling her Slave Girl and tells her to respond to his commands with certain words. To test the effects of Meganite on a superheroine (and Mega Girls obedience), Miracolo orders Mega Girl to stand next to a bottle of the substance. She does as she is told and become horribly weak, falling to her knees. Before the substance can kill Mega Girl, Miracolo orders her to step away from it. Miracolo commands MG to kneel before him and swear her undying loyalty and obedience to him. Then, he orders her to do a sexy strip show for him. Dancing sensuously, she removes everything but her tan pantyhose. When she is finished, Miracalo hands her the bottle of a Meganite. It causes her to grow very weak and tired until she falls unconscious to the floor. The scene is 24 minutes. The photo set contains 88 photos.

SHHYP0017 The Hypno Hoax starring Mary Jane Green and Sinn Sage
Superheroine Neuron Girl, in her alternate identity of Sinn Sage, relaxes at home during her off duty hours. She is watching TV wearing only black bra and panties. Meanwhile, at the headquarters of The Legion of Evil Forces, a new hypnosis device sends a message to Neuron Girls brain. She puts on her sexy silver costume and waits, glassy eyed, for further instructions. Meanwhile, in another part of town, Golden Girl (Mary Jane) patrols local businesses to protect them from thieves. The device that hypnotized Sinn also hypnotizes Mary Jane. Both girls zombie walk to the same location, where a hypnotic voice puts them into an even deeper trance. After plenty of shots of the girls blank, staring faces, the voice orders them to become hot for each other. They rub each others bodies sensuously and suck each others tits. The voice commands them to bring an envelope to Sinn’s house. The instructions in the envelope command Golden Girl to make a fake kidnapping tape with Neuron Girl portraying the victim. They are ordered to send the tape to the police. Later, the girls are commanded to be hot for each other again. They moan with pleasure as they kiss, make out heavily and suck each others tits. There is a lot of tongue and it is really hot. Later, the police enter and discover the superbabes in the throes of their lesbian encounter. The girls are suddenly released from their trance and are horribly embarrassed to find themselves accused of committing a kidnapping hoax! The scene is 12.5 minutes. The photo set contains 52 photos.

SHHYP0018 Hypnotized Superheroines 2 Outtakes starring Mary Jane Green, Nina Neon & Anastasia Pierce
This collection of outtakes feature unused and behind the scenes footage of sexy Superheroines in various states of undress and hypnosis. The scene is 4 minutes.

114 total minutes of video, 645 photos. Collection #PKSH0001

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