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Hypnotized Police Officer starring Alicia Alighatti

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Hypnotized Police Officer starring Alicia Alighatti
Alicia is a stern, no-nonsense police officer who has come to Steves house to arrest him for voyeurism. First, she orders him to handcuff himself, but instead he swings the shiny handcuffs in front of her piercing blue eyes, completely hypnotizing her with their movement and the sound of his voice. Once she is under his control, he humiliates her by commanding her to get on the ground and act like a pig. Then she is ordered to fly around the room, imitating a police helicopter. Steve decides it is time to get sexy with the mind control games. He commands Alicia to strip out of her uniform, leaving on only her thigh-hi stockings, and dance like a stripper for his amusement. Later, he tires of her erotic undulations so he orders her to stand completely still while he conducts frisks her. While he is at it, he also gropes her gorgeous tits and ass. As a final insult, he commands her to return to her squad room, wearing a stocking over her head and nothing else. 13 minutes. Scene #STR0001
  The photo set contains 104 photos. MP4 640×480

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