Hypnotized for Sleepy Play – Diana Grace



Entranced for Sleepy Play starring Diana Grace
Diana is really beautiful and her gorgeous eyes make her perfect for limp and mesmerized scenes! She’s at home, making out with her boyfriend. He wants to go a little farther but Diana is not in the mood. He suggests playing their mesmerization game and Diana agrees. He holds a flashing light in front of her eyes. He tells her to focus on the light and listen to his calming voice. He caresses her face and tells her to relax. Diana goes into a deep trance. The lusty boyfriend wastes no time…he exposes Diana’s exquisite breasts and gropes her. He plays with her body and her face. He orders Diana to walk back and forth for him like a model on a catwalk. Then, using a trigger word, he makes Diana get really horny and come on to him. Just for fun, he refuses to satisfy her, saying he’s not in the mood. He stands Diana up and, using another trigger word, he makes her go limp. He gropes and plays with her face and body. Finally, he makes her go out in his arms and carries her away. 16 minutes. Scene #KOB0732
HD MP4 1920×1080 697MB

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