Hypnosis Collection 9


Hypnosis Collection 9
An assortment of clips and photos featuring our hottest models hypnotized! You’ll get:

STR0084 Fear of Public Speaking starring Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane looks gorgeous and gives a fun, lively performance in this exciting scene. The photos seen here can not possibly convey the sexiness and humor of this scene. Mary Jane plays a business executive, in sexy skirt and blouse, who comes for some hypnotherapy to overcome her fear of public speaking. By moving a tube of glowing liquid in front of her eyes and speaking in a soothing voice, Dr. Anton hypnotizes Mary Jane. First, he makes her eyes get tired and she falls asleep. Then, he puts her in a deep trance. MJ looks incredible staring vacantly into space, her stunning eyes glassy. He orders her to become a bimbo, then a bitch, then a very shy girl. She does them all really well. He then tells her that she is a chicken, then a puppy, then a cat. She sounds more like a duck than a chicken but her cat and dog are perfect. As a cat, she slinks around sexily, licking her paws…I mean, her hands. Mary Jane is commanded to become a porn star. She does a very erotic strip and she models and dances sexily. The doctor orders her to put on a shiny, slutty dress and to model some more. Things get really outrageous when she is ordered to act like a bimbo who is also a porn star. While nude, she is ordered to become a cat and a puppy again. Another great moment is when she is ordered to become the shy girl while she is naked. She runs and tries to cover herself with couch pillows. Eventually, Dr. Anton orders MJ to get dressed. He gives her a trigger…when her boss shakes her hand after her speech, she will become a chicken. He brings her out of the trance and she leaves, unaware of anything that has happened. Throughout the scene, Mary Jane says Yes Master whenever she is given a command. The scene is 32 minutes. The photo set has 36 photos.

STR0087 The Doctor and the Dominatrix starring Mary Jane Green and Loren Chance
Mary Jane is a psychiatrist trying to help dominatrix Loren deal with her hostility issues. Loren tells Mary Jane about a dream she had. Hearing about the dream sends Mary Jane into a deep trance and she ends up sitting there with a blank expression and glassy eyes. Loren decides to have some fun humiliating her doctor. She makes Mary Jane act like a monkey. Then, she commands her to strip naked and model for her. MJ puts on quite a sexy show. Loren wakes Mary Jane from the trance. When MJ realizes she is naked, she is horrified but Loren quickly snaps her back into the trance. Mary Jane is then compelled to become a slave. She kneels and kisses Lorens high heels, then her stocking feet. Again, Loren wakes her from the trance and she is quite embarrassed. Loren snaps her back into the trance, then rubs her feet against MJ’s tits. She spanks Mary Jane with a riding crop–Mary Jane is commanded to say thank you, may I have another each time she is struck. Then Mary Jane stands at attention while Loren fondles her delicious body. Loren removes her shoes and commands Mary Jane to worship her nyloned feet. Then, Mary Jane is compelled to worship Lorens body. Once again, she awakens her and then puts her back in the trance. Mary Jane is commanded to worship Lorens body. She kneels, caresses her and licks her tits. MJ is then told to get dressed…but, any time she hears the trigger word, she will become Lorens slave again. Once MJ is dressed, she is awakened from the trance and has no idea what has happened. But, Loren can not resist trying the trigger word and MJ quickly kneels and worships her mistress. The scene is 40 minutes. The photo set has 139 photos.

STR0088 Cory Under Control starring Cory Lane
Cory is as beautiful as any model we have ever seen and she looks her best in this extremely hot story. When Cory invites her platonic friend Steve to her house, Steve decides to try some hypnosis. Cory thinks it would be fun to be put in a trance and happily plays along. Steve holds a flashing light in front of Cory’s eyes. Using his powerful but soothing voice, he puts Cory to sleep. When she opens her eyes, she is in a deep trance. Steve orders Cory to become a sexy model and pose for him. Cory does as she is commanded and, needless to say, she looks amazing doing it. Steve snaps his fingers and Cory stands at attention, her eyes glassy. He then commands her to become a snobbish Southern belle. Cory suddenly begins speaking with an accent and is terribly offended by Steves crude behavior. With another 2 snaps of Steves fingers, Cory goes back to her glassy eyed state and then becomes a tough-talking tramp with an attitude. She does the character perfectly. Steve snaps again and Cory sits at attention. Steve orders Cory to become a ditzy California girl. When he snaps his fingers, she begins talking foolishly about shopping and hanging out with her girlfriends. He then commands her to become a sexy stripper. Cory dances sensuously and strips naked, revealing her unbelievably beautiful body. She looks into the camera with teasing eyes as she poses on the couch. Bastard that he is, Steve commands Cory to call her boyfriend and break up with him. Then Steve tells her that when he snaps her out of the trance, she will be in love with him! Cory makes the call and, when Steve wakes her up, she takes his hand and confesses her undying love. The scene is 31 minutes. The photo set has 39 photos.

103 total minutes of MP4 video, and 214 photos. Collection #PKSTR0009

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