Hypnosis Collection 8: Stacy Burke


Hypnosis Collection 8: Stacy Burke
An assortment of clips and photos featuring one of our hottest models hypnotized! You’ll get:

STR0070 The Ring, Too starring Stacy Burke
Stacy stars as a model who gets more than she bargained for when the jewelry she is modeling entrances her. Stacy, in sexy mini dress, arrives at the photographers studio and is given a ring to model for the ad. She stares at the ring and it starts to take control of her mind. She can not look away. Soon, she is completely in a trance. The evil photographer tells her that she is now his slave and will not be able to resist him. He walks over to her and starts groping her. To his every command, she will respond Yes, Master. The hypnotist orders the entranced Stacy to do a sexy dance while he videotapes her. Her dancing is slow, smooth and sensual. She makes sure to gyrate her hips and show off her sexy butt. He fondles her luscious body and she makes no effort to stop him. In one awesome scene, Stacy rubs her own breasts while the photographer fondles her legs and ass. He tells her to make it hotter, to which she replies Yes, Master. The hypnotist commands Stacy to perform a striptease for him. As usual, Stacy does a fabulous job getting naked, looking hot and acting entranced. The hypnotist commands her to freeze, then walks over and helps himself to some groping. The hypnotist has Stacy do some more posing in the nude. She models, showing off her lovely assets and complimenting them with an alluring gaze. After a while, he commands her to freeze so he can fondle her gorgeous body. The hypnotist has Stacy model for him in nothing but her pantyhose. Then, he orders her to dress up in a shiny, skimpy outfit and to try her best to make him want her. Anyone with a pulse would want this girl. She poses sexily for him again. He commands her to dressed in her original clothing. Then, he explains to her that she will forever be under his spell, and that he can snap her in and out of a trance at the snap of his fingers. He brings Stacy out of her trance and sends her on her way. The scene is 57 minutes. The photo set has 12 photos.

STR0071 Compelled to Join the Dark Side starring Stacy Burke
Stacy Burke looks gorgeous and gives a fabulous performance as a spy who is hypnotized by the members of an evil crime organization. Stacy goes undercover as a call girl in an ultra-hot shiny mini-dress. She ends up locked in a room which quickly fills with hypnotic gas. An eerie voice places her in a trance and tells her she is now a slave of the crime syndicate. Stacy is ordered to become the sexiest model in the world. She poses for her new masters much to their delight. She looks really hot, moves really hot, and says Yes, Master to their commands. The criminal hypnotists question Stacy to get top-secret information. Completely entranced, Stacy tells them what they want t know. After ordering her to sabotage her own mission, the criminals command Stacy to strip fully nude model for them. Once they have had enough, they have her stand still while one of the goons fondles her tempting naked flesh. Stacy is made to model sexy lingerie in the bedroom. Then she is then forced to dress in a French Maid costume, which is extremely hot, and continue modeling. Stacy is fondled for a while in her French Maid costume, then compelled to go to the kitchen and get snacks for the criminals. They send her back into the kitchen for different things over and over again. In clip 6, the hypno-gas is used again…this time to turn Stacy into a supervillain. Still in a trance, she undresses, then puts on a black villainess catsuit. As always, Stacy does a great job acting and modeling. She says Yes Master a lot. The scene is 71 minutes. The photo set has 39 minutes.

STR0072 Pose Like a Porn Star starring Stacy Burke
Stacy, in hot leather pants and white top, comes to a hypno-therapist because of her excessive shopping habit. The therapist swings a piece of jewelry on a chain in front of Stacy and uses his voice to hypnotize her. During the induction, the therapist has Stacy repeat what he says. Once she is entranced, she is ordered to pose like a porn star and to strip to her bra and panties. Later, he makes her act timid as if it is her debut as an adult film actress. Stacy plays this really nicely with an innocent gaze and a lot of nervous biting of her nails and lips. Stacy is commanded to get dressed again and is brought out of the trance. She feels that she is completely cured of her shopping addiction and leaves with a big smile on her face. The scene is 25 minutes.

153 total minutes of MP4 video, and 51 photos. Collection #PKSTR0008

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