Hypnosis Collection 6


Hypnosis Collection 6
An assortment of clips and photos featuring our hottest models hypnotized! You’ll get:

STR0057 Hypno Neighbor starring Tori Sinclair
The legendary fetish model in one of her few hypnosis scenes anywhere. Tori is the new babe on the block. Her sleazy hypnotist neighbor invites her over tricks her into looking at a hypnotic light. As she stares into the light, Tori starts to become entranced. The guy talks Tori into a state of hypnosis. Once she is under his control, he has her strip and change into a sexy pink nightie and pose for him while he takes pictures. Then he has her strip again. The hypnotist has the entranced Tori change into a hot little bikini. He wakes her from her trance, then uses a magic word to snap her back into it, just to exercise his control over her. Then, he has her strip again and pose for him on the couch. He continues to make her try on new outfits, from black matching bra and panties to a tempting French Maid outfit. Then he makes her clean his house before telling her to strip again! The neighbor makes Tori put on a tempting pink panty and halter top ensemble, then has her pose for him and stick her ass out. He makes her strip again and pose very seductively for him. He snaps her in and out of the trance just to humiliate her. He has her strip nude and lie on the table so he can grope her sexy body. Then, he makes her dress up in a superheroine costume and do some more posing. The next morning, Tori wakes up to a phone call from the hypnotist. He uses a magic word over the phone and she is back in a trance. The scene is 48 minutes.

STR0065 Controlling Her Limbs starring Darby and Mary Jane Green
Mr. Steeles hot secretaries Darby and Mary Jane share an office that is just not big enough for the both of them, so Darby comes up with a plan to use hypnotism to get Mary Jane fired. She uses a hypnotic screen saver to put Mary Jane in a trance. Darby snaps Mary Jane out of the trance so that she seems normal but Darby still controls her body! Darby makes Mary Jane worship her legs and caress her. Mary Jane is horribly angry and pleads with Darby. Next, Darby commands Mary Jane to strip nude for her. Mary Jane protests but she cannot stop herself from physically obeying her and soon enough she is totally naked. When Mr. Steele shows up, Darby makes Mary Jane run around naked clucking like a chicken! The infuriated and confused boss tells Mary Jane she is fired. Darby commands Mary Jane to get dressed. She makes her follow her home and then orders her to strip again! Darby gropes Mary Janes beautiful breasts and supple ass while powerless Mary Jane protests. Darby turns Mary Jane into a human clothing rack, placing various items of clothing on her, and locks her away in the closet. The scene is 20 minutes. The photo set has 93 photos.

STR0067 Power of Suggestion starring Isabella Blue and Desire Moore
Lovely Isabella is irritated with her sloppy, lazy roommate, Desire. Using a shiny piece of jewelry and her soothing voice, she hypnotizes Desire. Once Desire is totally under her control, Isabella commands her to massage her shapely feet, then perform an erotic striptease and lap dance for her. Then, Isabella commands her naked, obedient friend to clean the house. Desire sweeps, washes dishes and cleans the oven all while nude and in a trance. Under Isabellas devious control, Desire calls her boyfriend and breaks up with him. As soon as Desire walks out of the room, Isabella calls the boyfriend and asks him out! But Isabella makes a foolish mistake. She says something that the hypnotized Desire misunderstands. Desire picks up a knife and Isabella soon regrets her experiment with hypnosis. The scene is 14 minutes. The photo set has 39 photos.

STR0068 The Dirty Doctor is In starring Darby and Tori Sinclair
Adorable Darby comes to see Dr. Anton for help with her fingernail biting habit. During a fairly lengthy induction, the doctor uses a rotating, multi-colored light and his voice to put Darby into a deep trance. Once she is under his control, he orders her to model sexily for his enjoyment. Darby does a hot striptease down to just her pantyhose and high heels. Dr. Anton orders her to walk into a closet where he closes her in for safe-keeping. Gorgeous Tori Sinclair wants to quit smoking but the doctor has other things in mind. Using the same rotating light, he puts her in a hypnotic trance. He orders Tori to model sexily and to strip to her pantyhose. She obeys. The doctor brings Darby back out and soon both hypnotized women are modeling sensuously. Then it really gets good. The helpless girls are ordered to make out with each other. They caress each others luscious bodies and lick each others breasts. Dr. Anton orders the girls to stand at attention and he fondles their beautiful breasts and bodies. He decides to keep them around for a while and marches both girls into a back room. The scene is 37 minutes.

STR0089 Two for One starring Amber Michaels and Cleo Nichole
Amber wants to quit smoking so her friend Cleo brings her to see Steve, a hypnotist. Amber is hesitant but allows Steve to hypnotize her. Steve holds a flashing light in front of Amber and using his calm voice, puts her to sleep. Strangely, Cleo, who is sitting right next to Amber, also goes to sleep. When he tells them to open their eyes, they are both in a deep trance, Steve decides to have some fun with both girls. He orders them to reply Yes, Master to all his commands. Amber is ordered to become a kitten and Cleo, a dog. Steve snaps his fingers and the girls get down on the floor and act like animals. Then, he orders them to become bitchy girls and when he snaps his fingers, they begin arguing and being very mean to each other. Excited by the power he has over the girls, Steve orders them to do a sexy dance for his pleasure. The girls comply and, still with glassy eyes, they dance sensuously and pose. Steve orders the girls to strip naked and continue to model. The girls slip out of their skirt outfits and continue their provocative posing. But Steve wants more. He commands the ladies to make out. Still nude, the girls do a sexy scene, caressing and touching each other all over. Things get really hot as they rub their tits and curvy bodies together. Steve snaps his fingers and the girls go back into the trance. He gives them a trigger word and orders them to make out any time he says it. The girls are them told to get dressed and Steve brings them out of the hypnotic state. Not remembering anything that has happened, the girls are very happy. But then Steve utters the trigger word and the girls start making out! The scene is 27 minutes. The photo set has 25 photos.

147 total minutes of MP4 video, and 157 photos Collection #PKSTR0006

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