Hypnosis Collection 4


Hypnosis Collection 4
An assortment of clips and photos featuring our hottest models hypnotized! You’ll get:

STR0043 Reverse Hypnosis starring Darby and Charlie Laine
Darby and Charlie look irresistibly cute in their tiny pajamas. They are lounging on the bed talking about what they are wearing when Charlie brings up the idea of hypnotizing Darby. Darby reluctantly agrees to the experiment, so Charlie plugs in a flashing red light and talks in an even, mesmerizing tone. But the experiment backfires and Charlie ends up in a deep trance! Darby takes full advantage of the situation. First she commands Charlie to move around in various poses, and then she orders her new hypno-slave to act like a duck and a sexy little kitten. When she tires of these amusing antics, Darby orders Charlie to stand completely still while she fondles her hot little body through her pajamas. Darby snaps Charlie out of the trance, but she continues to control her friends behavior with the hypnotic trigger words she planted earlier. At the first trigger, Charlie starts to dance and undulate like a stripper. She slowly removes her pajamas and continues to dance erotically until Darby commands her to stop. Upon hearing the next trigger word, Charlie is instantly overwhelmed with the desire to make out with Darby. The two ultra hotties kiss and caress each other. Darby pulls Charlie out of the trance once, but puts her right back in for some more super hot making out! Darbys top comes down and the action gets even hotter! The scene is 18 minutes. The photo set has 90 photos.

STR0044 Hypno Therapy starring Isabella Blue and Nikita Lea
Isabella and coworker Nikita are absolutely miserable at their job. The two girls come home to Isabellas house and complain about how awful their work is making them feel. Isabellas generous husband, Steve, offers to hypnotize them to help alleviate their frustration, but the conniving bastard has other plans in mind! He uses a flashing light and his smooth, alluring voice to put the girls into a deep trance. Once they are completely under his spell, staring blankly into the distance, he plants post-hypnotic trigger words in their vulnerable minds. He snaps them out of the trance and starts to toy with his new command over the two smoking hot brunettes. At the first trigger word, the girls stand up and start to dance erotically and strip down to their panties until Steve gives the cue to stop. At the next trigger word, Isabella becomes a cruel dominatrix and Nikita is her sexy, willing slave. Isabella ties and torments her slave until Steve cues them to stop. At the final trigger word, the girls get completely naked and exchange very sexy massages. They caress each others back, legs, and tasty tits. The spectacle is so hot and arousing that Steve orders the girls to take it into the bedroom – with him, of course! The scene is 19 minutes. The photo set has 39 photos.

STR0047 Sexy Voodoo Solution starring Mary Jane Green and Charlie Laine
Mary Jane is fed up with her inconsiderate roommate Charlie, so she makes a voodoo doll in her likeness and has a little sadistic fun. Mary Jane pokes the doll with a pin, causing Charlie sharp, stabbing pain. Then she manipulates the dolls limbs, forcing the confused Charlie to spin and flail around madly. Then Mary Jane puts a spell on the doll, instantly hypnotizing Charlie and making her Mary Janes slave. She makes Charlie walk like a zombie from the kitchen to the living room, then she commands Charlie to behave like an adorable, playful puppy. After that, she orders Charlie to act like an acrobat balancing precariously on a tight rope. In addition to being outrageously sexy, Charlie is also an excellent actress! Mary Jane unleashes her next sadistic command. She makes Charlie believe her entire body is insatiably itchy. In order to scratch her tormented flesh, Charlie has to strip completely naked. Mary Jane orders Charlie to dance like a sexy, horny stripper, and then she makes her stand still while she licks Charlies sweet, pink nipples. Mary Jane manipulates the dolls limbs, making Charlie mimics the wild actions. Then Mary Jane gets naked and the video concludes with a long, sensational make-out scene between the two smoking hot brunettes. The scene is 28 minutes. The photo set has 124 photos.

STR0049 Hypnotized for Ransom starring Darby and Mary Jane Green
Darby and Mary Jane go to an interview to be glamorous, high-end jewelry models. Loren, the scheming interviewer, instructs them to put on bracelets which have secret hypnotic powers. Loren activates the bracelets and the girls are instantly entranced. She commands them to place ransom calls to their rich fathers, and then toys with her control over them while she waits for the ransom money to be picked up. She orders them to alternately make out passionately and cat fight with each other. Loren orders the milky skinned hotties to dance very sexily and get completely naked, like erotic strippers. Once the super hot vixens are nude, she orders them to make out some more and walk around the room like hypnotized zombies. When the girls are in the middle of a passionate embrace, kissing each other on the lips, Loren snaps them out of the trance and relishes in their embarrassment and frustration. The scene is 20 minutes. The photo set has 44 photos.

STR0051 Tricked and Entranced starring Mary Jane Green and Darby
Luscious Mary Jane has a winning lottery ticket that she is tragically misplaced. Redheaded fox Darby offers to hypnotize her to help her remember where she put it. Mary Jane sits up straight and looks into a flashing light as Darby speaks in a smooth, even tone. Once Mary Jane is completely entranced, she reveals the location of the ticket. Sneaky Darby pockets the ticket and then commands Mary Jane to be her sexy slave. She orders Mary Jane to massage her feet and worship them with her plump red lips. Darby commands Mary Jane to strip naked and clean the apartment. Once she is done, Darby caresses her milky white flesh and squeezes her delicious tits. Then she binds her naked roommate to a kitchen chair and gags her. She cruelly convinces Mary Jane that two masked men stole the ticket and snaps her out of her trance. The scene is 14 minutes. The photo set has 41 photos.

STR0052 Mind-Controlled Missionaries starring Jewell Marceau and Anastasia Pierce
Jewell and Anastasia are missionaries going door to door to convert sinners. They visit sinful Loren who tells them she photographs nude women for a living. Loren tricks the girls into staring into a flashing red light. As they look into it and listen to Loren’s soothing voice, they become entranced. Loren orders the girls to assume various persona. She makes Jewell act like a mean dog and Anastasia act like a scared cat. Then, she makes Anastasia strip Jewell nude then dress her in sexy lingerie. She commands Jewell to strip Anastasia down to lingerie she is already wearing. Loren compels Anastasia to dominate Jewell. Anastasia makes Jewell kiss her sexy high heels, then ties her hands behind her back and spanks her ass. She pulls Jewell’s bra down and twists her nipples until she is in agonizing pain. Loren snaps the girls out of the trance to watch them feel humiliated briefly before snapping them back into it and making them act as lesbian lovers. Jewell takes off Anastasia’s bra and the girls have a lusty lick fest. After awhile, Loren decides it is time to make them strip completely nude. The naked girls are commanded to make out. In an incredibly stimulating scene, the girls do as they are told. Loren can not resist snapping the girls out of the trance to enjoy their embarrassment. Finally, the mesmerized girls are ordered to go door to door through the neighborhood, totally naked. They follow this command without hesitation. The scene is 30 minutes. The photo set has 61 photos.

STR0053 Student Hypnotist starring Charlie Laine and Tori Sinclair
College student Charlie, looking adorable in plaid skirt, white blouse, socks and sneakers, is called into Dean Toris office because her grades have been slipping. Charlie uses a mystical bracelet to instantly put Tori into a trance. Charlie commands Tori to change all of her grades to As. Next, she makes her act like a sloppy drunk man at a bar who is hitting on her and will not take no for an answer. Tori starts talking herself up like she is a hot macho man and Charlie is just eating it up. After that game is over, Charlie acts like a teacher and orders Tori to act like a student. Every time Tori answers a question wrong, she has to remove an article of clothing. She answers every one wrong until she is fully nude. Charlie makes her slave put on a skimpy pink nightie and pose for her while she takes photos. Charlie strips naked herself and takes pictures posing next to Tori. Charlie pulls Tori’s nightie down and gropes her tits, then makes her go to an empty classroom, where she remains in the trance totally nude! The next morning, students come in and find her there naked. She wakes up from the trance and is horribly humiliated. The scene is 20 minutes. The photo set has 58 photos.

149 total minutes of MP4 video, and 360 photos. Collection #PKSTR0004

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