Hypnosis Collection 3: Nina Neon


Hypnosis Collection 3: Nina Neon
An assortment of clips and photos featuring one of our hottest models hypnotized! You’ll get:

STR0038 Hypno Strip Show starring Nina Neon
Nina is wearing an alluring black dress, black thigh-hi stockings, and shiny black pumps when she comes over to her boss Mr. Anton’s house. She sits down on the couch and he immediately offends his sexy guest by suggesting she get naked. When she refuses, he decides to hypnotize her with a candle. As she stares into the dancing flame, she slowly falls into a trance. Once she is under Anton’s complete control, he commands her to remove her shoes and dress, stripping down to her panties and stockings. He massages her feet before peeling the stockings off her luscious legs. Next, he commands her to take off her panties and behave like a horny porn star. She poses lasciviously on the couch while fondling her body and voluptuous tits. She puts her shiny black pumps back on and models her smoking hot body some more. Mr. Anton commands her to put on saucy red lingerie and pose like a porn star again. She looks amazing as she models on the couch and seduces the camera with her eyes. Anton makes her get dressed in her own clothes and plants a few post-hypnotic suggestions about how she will treat him in the future. The scene is 25 minutes.

STR0040 Drugged and Hypnotized starring Mary Jane Green and Nina Neon
Mary Jane and Nina look sexy and sophisticated in their short skirted office suits. Their boss Dick summons them to his apartment and gives them water spiked with a tasteless drug. As he discusses the details of a new project, the drug starts to take effect. The girls become hot, dazed, and disoriented. When they fall into a state of slippery consciousness, Dick hypnotizes them further with his velvety voice. He implants a set of post-hypnotic suggestions. The two entranced vixens follow the commands Dick gives them. They take turns stripping each other down to their bras and pantyhose and then they do a very sexy dance. Then they are commanded to strip each other entirely naked and then put on each others clothes. Dick snaps them out of their trance to see their confused reaction at wearing each others outfits. The girls are once more entranced and Mary Jane is forced to dance and strip naked. Then it’s Nina’s turn to dance erotically and strip naked. She looks amazing as she seduces the camera with her bedroom eyes and lusty body. Dick orders the naked hotties to sleep while he takes lewd pictures of their bodies in lascivious poses. Afterwards, he commands them to get dressed and wake up, oblivious to his hypnotic manipulations. But are they? The scene is 55 minutes.

STR0041 Special Report starring Mary Jane Green and Nina Neon
Nosy investigative reporter Nina Neon is trying to bust a nefarious creep whose been hypnotizing hotties and selling them into slavery. Sultry tart Mary Jane arrives at a modeling audition wearing a tiny red bikini. The interviewer hypnotizes her by holding a blinking light in front of her face. He programs her to be his slave and orders her to strip naked and do a very sensuous and erotic dance. Afterwards, he sends her to her new home, his bedroom! Reporter Nina breaks into the creeps house looking for clues. Her camera man finds the hypno-light and uses it to hypnotize her. Aha! He’s the creep Ninas been after all along! With Nina under his control, he commands her to model in a very sexy manner. He orders her to strut around like a runway fashion model and seductively remove all of her clothing except her nylons and shiny black pumps. The sly bastard commands Nina to pose and dance very slowly, like a porn star. She serpentines her voluptuous body and caresses her succulent tits and juicy ass. Then he makes her put on a sexy dress and pose for his amusement. The smug criminal orders Nina into his bedroom to do a naked dance of seduction on his bed. When he tires of this sumptuous spectacle, he makes her dress in a sexy french maid outfit and do her make up and hair. He commands Nina to model and pose like a shameless harlot in her sultry costume. Then he makes her clean his house and serve him a frosty beverage. The scene is 62 minutes.

142 total minutes of MP4 video. Package #PKSTR0003

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