Hypnosis Collection 2


Hypnosis Collection 2
An assortment of clips and photos featuring our hottest models hypnotized! You’ll get:

STR0027 Close Encounters starring Sammie Rhodes and Tiffany Taylor
Sammie is working late at the office when a mysterious ball appears on her desk and knocks her unconscious. An alien voice instructs Sammie to find a young human female and to impregnate the female with an alien baby. Tiffany, unaware of the danger to come, sits comfortably on her bed in her blue panty and camisole set. Sammie enters and uses a neck pinch to knock Tiffany out. She fondles and caresses the gorgeous brunette and injects her with the alien seed. As soon as she is impregnated, Tiffany becomes entranced and is now given instructions from the alien voice to feed off of Sammie by means of fondling, caressing, kissing and touching. As Sammie comes out of her trance, Tiffany takes over and, using the same neck pinch, sends Sammie into unconsciousness. Tiffany strips Sammie and fondles her to the delight of the evil alien. The scene is 25 minutes. The photo set has 136 photos.

STR0032 My Stuck Up Roommate starring Sinn Sage and Sammie Rhodes
The girls look cute in this interesting scene. It takes a few minutes to get started but, once it does, it is very sexy and funny. Slutty Sammie is sick of being criticized by conservative roommate Sinn. The girls are going on blind dates tonight and Sammie cant resist taking the opportunity to embarrass her annoying friend. Both girls get dressed for their big night. Sammie hypnotizes Sinn with a piece of jewelry. She commands Sinn to become a total whore any time she hears the trigger word salsa. The guys come over and, of course, start asking for salsa. Sinn goes into slut-mode each time the word is said. First, she tells everyone a filthy story about her sex life. Then, to the horror of her straight-laced date, she strips naked. The guys want more salsa and Sinn goes crazy, attacking Sammie and making out with her passionately. The scene is 24 minutes. The photo set has 149 photos.

STR0037 Hypnotized Sex Kitten starring Jewell Marceau
Jewell is seeking the assistance of a hypno-therapist to help her stop biting her nails. She is wearing a sexy, short black skirt, high black pumps, and a shiny silver top stretched tight over her enormous tits. She goes to his office and allows him to hypnotize her using a bright, flashing light and his soothing voice. Once she is in a trance, the therapist does not do anything to help her with her problem. Instead, he abuses his complete control over her by making her do whatever he wants. He parades her around the room like a robot and orders her to be a sexy, purring kitten. He orders Jewell to act like a filthy slut. She talks like a horny hooker and starts to strip off her clothes. After that, he orders her to act like a variety of characters… a proper southern belle who is quickly offended by everything he says, a blood-sucking vampire intent on biting him, and a bound and frightened kidnap victim. In clip 3, the corrupt therapist orders Jewell to behave like a very erotic stripper. She dances in a very seductive manner and slowly removes all of her clothes. She caresses her own hot body and licks her voluptuous tits. Once more he commands her to act like the wilting southern belle, and her shock and embarrassment at her nudity bring him great amusement. Then he orders her to be slutty and seductive once more. In clip 4, she continues with her nasty, naked enticements. Reluctantly, the doctor makes her put her clothes back on. He commands her commit a few crimes, such as breaking and entering and larceny, so he can avoid criminal charges of his own. The scene is 40 minutes. The photo set has 35 photos.

89 total minutes of MP4 video, and 320 photos. Collection #PKSTR0002

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