Hypnosis Collection 10


Hypnosis Collection 10
An assortment of clips and photos featuring our hottest models hypnotized! You’ll get:

STR0092 Say Uncle starring Sinn Sage
Cutie Sinn Sage is staying over at her brother-in-laws house. She makes the mistake of telling him that she is about to inherit some money from her uncle. The evil brother-in-law uses a flashing light and his calm, reassuring voice to hypnotize Sinn. While she is in a deep, glassy-eyed trance, he orders her to strip and model for him. She peels off her clothes and poses her hot body very sensuously. Then, he commands her to say some nasty things about her uncle which he records on tape. Sinn is then made to dress again and is brought out of the trance remembering nothing. The scene is 13 minutes. The photo set has 5 photos.

STR0094 I Would Never Do That! Starring Sinn Sage and Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane and Sinn come to see a hypnotist who is getting his show ready for a Las Vegas lounge. He wants to try his act on the girls and, though reluctant, they agree. Mary Jane is hypnotized first while Sinn watches. The hypnotist holds a light in front of Mary Janes eyes and slowly talks her into a trance. Sinn is amazed to see Mary Jane completely mesmerized, her eyes staring blankly ahead. She is even more amazed when her conservative friend obeys the hypnotists bizarre commands. Mary Jane is ordered to talk about her past sexual experiences and she does so using extremely graphic language. She is compelled to kneel in front of the guy and tell him she is his slave. She is then commanded to strip nude and Sinn is stunned when Mary Jane complies. When Mary Jane is brought out of the trance, she has no idea anything has happened and Sinn takes the opportunity to taunt and make fun of her. But then it is Sinn’s turn. She boasts that she would never be so easily controlled but soon she is in a trance and is stripping too. Mary Jane watches with astonishment. The guy even orders Sinn to attack Mary Jane sexually and she does. While still nude, Sinn is brought out of the trance and is extremely embarrassed and upset. The scene is 15 minutes. The photo set has 66 photos.

STR0110 Hypno-Cigarettes starring Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane is gorgeous and gives a fine glassy-eyed performance in this excellent scene. Private detective Mary Jane gets a call from a wealthy businessman who is looking for his missing daughter. The girl was last seen applying for a modeling job at a cigarette company. Mary Jane goes to the company to investigate, posing as a ditzy model. Tobacco exec Donovan chats with MJ and offers her a cigarette. As she smokes it, she starts to go into a trance…it is a hypno-cigarette! As if cigarettes are not dangerous enough already! Donovan uses his soothing voice to put MJ into a deep trance. When he questions her, he discovers her true identity. Mary Jane is commanded to strip, play with her tits and dance for his enjoyment. When he has had his fill, he gives MJ some commands. He orders her to keep a pack of hypno-cigarettes with her at all times and to tell the missing girls father that she found nothing suspicious at the cigarette company. MJ goes back to her office and, when the man calls, she does as she was commanded. When Donovan calls and gives her a trigger word, she lights up a cigarette and goes to him. The scene is 21 minutes. The photo set has 65 photos.

STR0112 Cute Little Girlfriend starring Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane is hypnotized into being the perfect girlfriend in this fun scene which is shot entirely as if you are in the room with her. Mary Jane is a bitchy tax agent doing an audit. But the guy does not like being audited so he swings a shiny watch in front of her face. Speaking in a calm, soothing voice, he talks her into a trance. He tells her that she will become a perfect, sweet girlfriend who will want nothing more than to please him. He orders her to go to bed. Glassy eyed Mary Jane marches to the bedroom, gets undressed, and puts on a short, sheer nightie and goes to sleep. She awakens the next morning as a happy girlfriend. She cleans the room and chats with the guy, who pretty much remains silent from this point on. While MJ busily straightens out the room, the guy occasionally puts her back into the trance, making her stop what she is doing and staring ahead. He also snaps her out of the trance entirely, turning her back into the nasty agent. When he does, MJ is horrified to find herself in this strange situation and becomes very confused before being snapped into her more likable girlfriend personality. MJ is so comfortable with her new boyfriend that she strips off her nightie and rubs lotion all over her body while he watches. Later, MJ walks into the kitchen in a trance. With the snap of his fingers, the guy makes her his girlfriend again and she happily cleans the kitchen and cooks a special meal for him. Again, he snaps her in and out of the trance and into the different personalities several times. When MJ spills some water on the floor, she takes off her sexy apron-style lingerie and uses it to clean the floor. Finally, the guy puts Mary Jane in a trance and sends her to the bedroom to wait for him. Some of the scenes of Mary Jane cleaning and cooking are pretty long. The scene is 44 minutes. The photo set has 60 photos.

93 total minutes of MP4 video, and 196 photos. Collection #PKSTR0010

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