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Hypno Slave Next Door – Gina

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Hypno Slave Next Door starring Gina
Gina’s neighbor Steve wants to make a little cash selling naughty videos on the internet, but he needs models. He has invented a mind control device and wants to give it a try. Gina is lounging in bed in sexy pajamas when she receives a phone call. A tone on the other end instantly entrances her, and she walks in a trance to the source of the call…through her back yard and over to Steves house. Steve videotapes Gina while his friend gropes her hot, non-responsive body. One week later, oblivious that anything ever happened to her, Gina gets another mesmerizing phone call. Once more, she walks in a trance over to her neighbors house. Steve pulls down her bra and gropes her sweet tits and ass while his friend videotapes it. The whole time, she stares straight ahead and does not move or speak. He takes off her panties and poses her limbs, then commands her to assume a lewd position and spank herself. Gina gets the call again. She walks, entranced, over to Steves house in a super-short pink sequined dress. This time both of the guys molest her tight, sexy body while the video camera is running. They suck on her nipples and order her into very submissive postures. They order her to stick her ass up in the air so they can spank it and get close-ups of her pink pussy. 16 minutes. Scene #STR0015
MP4 640×480.  The photo set contains 252 photos.

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