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Hypno Robbers – Mary Jane Green & Anastasia Pierce

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Hypno Robbers starring Mary Jane Green and Anastasia Pierce
Madman Steve uses a spinning light to instantly entrance Mary Jane. He makes her follow him like a zombie to Anastasias home where he kidnaps her using the same light. The girls zombie walk to Steves. He commands the girls to strip nude and molest each other for a while. Once he is had his fun with that, Steve makes the girls stand at attention while he tells them of his evil plan. The FBI is on Steves tail and he has to stop robbing banks himself, so he is going to make his slaves do it for him. He has them act out several bank-robbing scenarios, using a loaf of bread and a dildo as their guns. The girls talk some serious trash to each other in their roles as robber and bank teller. Once their crash-course in bank robbery is through, Steve commands them to put their clothes back on. He gives them some real guns and their first assignment. 12 minutes. Scene #STR0008
  MP4 640×480.  The photo set contains 166 photos.

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