Hypno House – Sinn Sage


Hypno House starring Sinn Sage
In this clever story, sexy Sinn accepts an offer to live rent-free in an experimental new home that is wired with artificial intelligence. The computer that controls the functions of the house is self-aware; it is alive in a sense and can think for itself. As she changes into her lounge clothes, we can see that the computer is stalking her using motion-detecting security cameras. When Sinn is trying to read on the couch, the TV keeps turning itself on in spite of her commanding it to shut off. She finally gives in and watches. The computer uses trance-inducing imagery on the television to mesmerize Sinn. As she slips into a trance, the voice of the computer speaks to her, telling her that she will obey its every command. First, it makes her zombie-walk into the kitchen (Sinn does her now-famous zombie walk for the rest of the scene). There, the computer tests Sinn’s obedience by telling her to hold her hand over a flaming burner on the stovetop. When the computer is through testing her, it has her sit inside a closet for preservation. Later, the computer lets Sinn out so she can tend to her natural bodily functions like going to the bathroom. It even makes her some food, which she eats while still in the trance. It has her go back into the closet and sit in the dark for preservation for a while, then lets her back out. Now the computer wants to learn about the nature of human sexuality, so it has Sinn change into some lingerie and do a striptease. Sinn is a great dancer. She oozes sensuality, moving her body like a snake and putting that incredible ass of hers to good use. The whole time she is dancing, Sinn’s eyes are glassy and she stares into space. When the computer is satisfied, it sends her back into the closet. Later, it lets her out again and has her do another tantalizing striptease. This is a really fun and unique scene, full of cool audio and video effects. Sinn’s performance, as always, is top-notch. Scene #STR0074
30 minutes. MP4 640×480

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