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Hypno Friends – Nina Neon and Tiffany Taylor

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Hypno Friends starring Nina Neon and Tiffany Taylor
When Nina (looking very cute in business skirt outfit) asks her friend Jon the Magician to help with her anxiety, he happily agrees. Jon uses a piece of jewelry to put Nina in a trance. While she is entranced, Jon commands Nina to seduce her friend Tiffany. He commands her to entrance Tiffany as well! Nina invites Tiffany over for some girl talk. Tiff is surprised when Nina wants to dance but she goes along with it. Nina starts touching Tiffany and the two girls dance close together. They move to the couch where they make out for a while. It gets really hot–the girls suck, lick and kiss each others tasty nipples. Nina tells Tiff that hypnosis will heighten her sexual pleasure. Tiffany lies down and Nina uses relaxing words to put her friend in a trance. When Jon returns, he finds both girls exactly as he wants them–completely entranced. Jon orders the girls to make out and suck each others tits again. Finally, he orders the girls to lie down and tells them that he will keep them there as his slaves. 34 minutes. Scene #STR0030
MP4 640×480.  The photo set contains 121 photos.

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