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Hypno Fetish Slave – Promise

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Hypno Fetish Slave starring Promise
Sexy Promise is not happy when she wakes up to her boyfriend Robbie playing with her feet. She threatens to leave him if he does not cool it with his kinky fetishes. Robbie uses a magic charm and his soothing voice to induce Promise into an entranced state. Once she is in a trance, she indulges all his fetish fantasies. First, Promise cleans the house in a pink miniskirt and lace halter top. She makes sure to bend over plenty so Robbie can get some nice upskirt views. Then, she lies on the couch so he can rub her slender and shapely feet and soles and lick her gold-painted toes. Finally, he commands her to strip nude and to allow herself to be bound to a chair while he fondles her and sucks on her tits. 15 minutes. Scene #STR0025
MP4 640×480.  The photo set contains 121 photos.

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