Humiliating the Bitchy Boss – Karlie Montana and Samantha Ryan



Humiliating the Bitchy Boss starring Karlie Montana and Samantha Ryan
Bitchy businesswoman Samantha barks insults at her assistant Karlie. She is angry over Karlie’s poor work performance as well as her slutty clothes, including her hot black boots and nylons. Karlie gets close to Samantha and clasps a chloroform soaked cloth over her face. Samantha fights but the drug soon takes effect and she passes out. Samantha awakens tightly bound with rope and gagged with tape. Karlie removes her boots and presses her sweaty feet against Samantha’s face. Samantha whimpers with humiliation. Karlie rubs her feet against the rest of Samanthas body including her naked crotch. After groping her tits, Karlie decides to put the boss to sleep again. She Soaks the cloth in chloroform, places it inside a dust mask and puts it on Samantha’s face. Samantha’s eyes roll back and, though she tries hard to stay awake, she slips into unconsciousness. Scene #KOTI0212
12 minutes. 1280×640.

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