Humiliating Her Pantyhose Prisoner – Indica Fetish, Miss Tiffany


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Humiliating Her Pantyhose Prisoner starring Indica Fetish and Miss Tiffany
Indica comes to co-worker Tiffany’s place for a drink and ends up her prisoner. The girls chat like old friends until Indica finds out that Tiffany and her friends are robbing the store they work at…and Indica will be a hostage! Indica pleads with Tiffany but she soon ends up tightly bound with tape. Despite more begging, Indica is gagged with cloth packing and tape wrapped around her head. Left alone, she struggles and squirms but can’t free herself. Sliding off her shoes, she tries to hop away but Tiffany grabs her. Tiffany cuts Indica’s top off and gropes her tits. She undresses her captive some more and continues to grope and humiliate her. Tiffany kicks off her own heels and uses her luscious nylon feet to torment Indica, sticking her feet in her face and rubbing them on her tits. When she’s done, Tiffany cruelly talks about what she might do to her hostage. She decides to keep her around for a while. Indica is taped up a little more and stuffed in a small closet. Tiffany slides off her own pantyhose and slides them over Indica’s head. Cold as ice, she locks Indica in the closet and leaves her struggling and whimpering, unsure of her fate. 16.5 minutes. Scene #BG0822

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