Humiliated Hostages – Cali Logan and Charlie Laine


Humiliated Hostages starring Cali Logan and Charlie Laine
One of our very best damsel scenes ever! Cali and Charlie find themselves in a terrifying situation when they are held captive by two dangerous gangsters who want money from Charlies gambler boyfriend. The girls come home from shopping and are immediately grabbed, handgagged and threatened. Looking really hot in skirts and heels, they are forced into a bedroom where one of the guys binds them very securely. The other guy further terrorizes the girls by making creepy lewd comments about what might happen to them. Despite their pleading, the girls are gagged with packing and shiny cloths tied over their mouths. The girls look beautiful and helpless with their wide, frightened eyes and their snug gags. The guys have time to kill so they cut open their victims shirts and then grope, intimidate and terrorize them. Left alone, the girls struggle against their tight bonds. Removing their shoes, they try to use their toes to untie the knots. The heartless gangsters discuss the girls fate and decide to leave them bound and gagged, naked in an abandoned building. The girls overhear this and whimper in fear. We next see the girls on the floor of the empty building, nude and bound with shiny tape. Once again, they plead not to be gagged only to have their mouths packed and then wrapped in tape. Before leaving, the vicious thug decides to take Cali with him. After fondling her naked body, he locks Charlie in a closet and carries Cali off over his shoulder. 35 minutes. Scene #BG0555
MP4 640×480. The photo set has 99 photos.

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