Humiliated Heroines 1 – Nina Neon and Sammie Rhodes


Humiliated Heroines 1 starring Nina Neon and Sammie Rhodes
This unusual story, shot as a custom for one of our viewers, features a multitude of fetishes including superheroines, feet, knock out, mind control and crushing.

In Clip 1, Liberty Belle (Nina) and Astragirl (Sammie) have infiltrated the sinister lair of the dread villian Overlord. Both superheroine hotties are dressed in revealing pink costumes as they creep in and start looking around for their arch nemesis. Almost immediately, the girls areknocked out cold with blows to the head by Overlords henchman Brimstone. Astragirl comes to first and is told that her body will be the vessel for the return of the Black Queen! She is forced to strip out of her superheroine garb and put on a sexy riding outfit. The boots she puts on turn her into a sinister bitch, so she wakes up Liberty Belle for some torture and torment her with her new evil powers and a riding crop. Liberty is cast down to the floor and zapped with electric blasts, then Astragirl crushes the squirming superheroine underneath her cruel black riding boots until she begs for her torment to end. Astragirl forces Liberty to worship her boots. Liberty kisses and strokes the shiny black leather, then she removes the boots and worships Astragirls petite stocking feet. She massages them and kisses them all over. Liberty is forced to put a different pair of black boots on Astragirls feet, which she is again commanded to worship. When Astragirl is bored with this cruel amusement, she kicks Liberty aside to verbally humiliate and torment her. Liberty is once more forced to worship Astragirls black boots and stocking feet. She caresses and kisses them, sometimes one at a time and sometimes both together. Strangely, a lunar eclipse knocks Astragirl out of her evil trance and the two super hotties almost escape. However, the trance comes over Astragirl again and she punishes Liberty with more painful electric bursts. In Clip 2, Astragirl torments Liberty, who is down on her hands and knees, and then commands her to fetch another evil outfit for Astragirl to put on. Astragirl is wearing a very sexy military uniform, composed of a black leather jacket open to reveal her succulent tits, a hat, and tall, vicious black boots. Liberty is forced to worship the boots while Astargirl verbally humiliates her and puts her in her lowly place. The boots are removed and Liberty worships her stocking feet. Astragirl kicks Liberty down to the ground to crush her beneath her feet, then she uses her feet to gag Liberty and suck the power and resistance out of her body. Liberty is greatly weakened and Astragirl takes advantage of the situation by fondling her gorgeous, voluptuous body and tits. Astragirl changes into an outrageously hot black leather outfit and forces Liberty to worship her boots and feet once again. Liberty continues to kiss and massage Astragirls stocking feet. Somehow, Astragirl comes out of her evil trance once again. The girls almost escape, but the enchanted boots call Astragirl back. Once she puts them on, the evil spell takes hold once more. Liberty is viciously cropped and forced to worship Astragirls boots, again. Astragirl uses her legs to choke Liberty Belle until she passes out cold on the hard floor. These clips have an enormous emphasis on foot and boot worship, and might seem a bit tedious to anyone who is not an avid fan of these fetishes. The story continues in Humiliated Heroines Part 2. Scene #SHMI0004
Clip 1 is 27 minutes, Clip 2 is 32 minutes. The photo set has 81 photos. 640×480

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