House for Sale – Isobel Wren and Mary Jane Green


House for Sale starring Isobel Wren and Mary Jane Green
Beautiful, sweet Isobel is selling her house. But, the first potential buyer is Mary Jane, who has a plan to hold Isobel hostage, sell the house and take the money.  When Isobel least expects it, MJ clasps a chloroform-soaked rag over her face. With some good eye-rolling, Isobel passes out. She wakes up bound, sitting on the bathroom sink. Mary Jane explains that she will have to keep Isobel bound while other buyers come to the house. She gags Isobel with packing held in place with a cloth pulled tightly between her teeth. Isobel is horrified when MJ opens her blouse and fondles her tasty tits. A buyer shows up and Isobel is left struggling while MJ shows the guy around. Isobel tries to make some noise to attract attention but it is useless. Removing her shoes, she hops to the door but she is grabbed by Mary Jane. Then, Isobel is taken to a closet in the basement. Still gagged but untied, she is ordered to strip naked. MJ ties her on her knees with arms over her head. MJ cruelly wraps tape over Isobel’s cloth gag. After a bit of fondling, she leaves her there. The next day, another buyer shows up. Once again, Isobel whimpers and struggles as she hears the guy being shown around the house. He decides to buy the house, writes a check and leaves. MJ informs the terrified and exhausted Isobel that she will have to bind and gag her even more securely before she goes. Isobel, still nude is bound securely with leather straps and ballgagged. MJ has fun fondling and taunting her and then leaves her there helpless and hopeless. The outtakes feature some shots of Isobel being bound by Mary Jane. Scene #BG0431
34 minutes. The outtakes are 3.5 minutes. The photo set contains 100 photos. MP4 640×480

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