Hot for Teacher – Eva Long and Janira Wolfe



Hot for Teacher starring Eva Long and Janira Wolfe
Janira has fun with her gorgeous teacher in this erotic clip that combines limp fetish and mesmerize fetish. Professor Eva calls Janira in to talk about her grades. She asks Janira if her big report is done. Janira gives Eva a video to watch instead. As Eva looks at the graphics in the video, her eyes get glassy and she goes into a trance. Janira talks to her in a soothing voice, telling her to relax and submit. She orders the entranced teacher to change her grade to an A. Eva is asked about her fellow teachers and, speaking in a monotone voice, she gossips about their scandals and bad habits. Janira gives her some trigger words so that she can control her again in the future. She tells Eva to answer Yes M’am to all her commands and makes her dance around the room. Eva is then made to expose her breasts and pull up her skirt. Janira hands her a cloth soaked in chloroform and makes Eva press it to her face. Eva’s eyes roll back (which looks amazing) and she goes limp. Janira leaves. When she returns a couple of days later, Eva is distraught. She almost lost her job when someone found her asleep and half naked in her office. Janira pretends to be sympathetic but then uses the trigger word, sending Eva back into a trance. She orders Eva to follow her home. At home, Janira fondles Eva and commands her to do a sexy striptease. Eva strips naked, dancing sensuously but with her eyes still glassy. Janira toys with Eva by snapping her fingers, making her fall unconscious to the couch then waking her up and doing it again. Janira soaks Eva’s pantyhose in chloroform. In a very hot scene, Janira clasps the nylons over Eva’s face. Eva’s eyes roll beautifully and she goes limp. The girls fall over onto the sofa. Janira strips naked and clasps the pantyhose over her own face. With eyes rolling, she passes out on top of Eva. A few minutes of fun outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0653
30 minutes. MP4 1920×1080.

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