Hot For Her Victim – Miko Sinz and Mary Jane Green


Hot For Her Victim starring Miko Sinz and Mary Jane Green
Tiny, adorable Miko is perfectly cast as an innocent rich girl who is taken advantage of by cruel Mary Jane. The girls were friends years ago when MJ’s mother worked as a maid for Miko’s wealthy family. But now MJ needs money. MJ convinces Miko to come over her house so they can talk. MJ, who looks extremely hot in tight jeans, top and boots, just about scares Miko away by aggressively asking for money and even making creepy sexual advances toward her. When Miko starts to leave, MJ pulls a gun and informs her that she is being kidnapped. On camera, Mary Jane ties up the pleading Miko with lots of rope. Miko’s tasty little body, in short skirt, crisp blouse, tan pantyhose and black heels, looks great in bondage. Despite her begging, Miko is gagged with tape and cloth packing and is left on the bed struggling. Miko tries hard to free herself and even removes her shoes and tries to hop away but is caught by Mary Jane. MJ taunts Miko and fondles her helpless body. Then she locks her in a closet and leaves her their for the night. The next day, Miko is now untied and forced to strip naked for Mary Janes amusement. Once naked, Miko is securely bound, then gagged with her own pantyhose and an elastic bandage. Mary Jane, psycho that she is, interrogates Miko cruelly, then caresses her sweetly, then interrogates her cruelly again. She puts a leash and collar on her captive and drags her around the house. Caring nothing about her victim, Mary Jane chats on the phone with her boyfriend, callously discussing what to do with Miko. The mental torture continues as MJ talks to her boyfriend some more. Later, she eats a tasty snack and drinks a soda while the starving, thirsty Miko sits bound and gagged (cloth over mouth) next to her. Turned on by the spicy food, MJ licks and fondles Mikos sweet, vulnerable breasts. In Clip 4, Miko is naked and is bound with her legs spread on the bed. Mary Jane secures a ball-gag in her mouth and starts to fondle her. Things get really hot when MJ strips naked herself and passionately messes around with her helpless hostage. She fondles her, licks her, kisses her and straddles her. Meanwhile, she continues to cruelly taunt Miko about what kind of horrible fate she has in store for her. Miko is left bound, gagged, helpless and whimpering. Also available are some hot outtakes showing deleted footage and behind-the-scenes shots of Miko being tied by Mary Jane. Scene #BG0389

45 minutes. The outtakes are 4 minutes. MP4 640×480. The photo set contains 147 photos.

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