Hot Captive in Peril – Celeste Star


Hot Captive in Peril starring Celeste Star
Celeste looks incredible, of course, and gives a fine performance. She’s a reporter doing a story about gangster Tim Woodman. The cocky reporter talks on the phone, bragging about the evidence she’s collected. But Tim grabs her and handgags her. Celeste is tied up in the bathroom. When she won’t tell Tim where the evidence is, he gags her and leaves her there. She struggles hard. She works the shoes off her nyloned feet and tries to hop away but she’s caught. Poor Celeste is ordered to strip naked. She’s bound and gagged and left struggling on the bed. Before he leaves, her cruel captor pulls her pantyhose over her head and ties another gag over that! It’s hard to believe that Celeste could still look beautiful with a stocking over her head, but she does! About a minute and a half of outtakes are included. 20 minutes. Scene #BG0727

MP4 1280×680

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