Hostage Co-workers – Chrissy, Charlotte, and Raven


Hostage Co-workers starring Chrissy Marie, Charlotte Stokely, and Raven Rae
Chrissy and Charlotte are held captive by evil co-worker Raven. Raven is plotting to rob the office so she invites her friends over for drinks. But the drinks she serves have something else in them and the girls slowly fall asleep. They awaken tightly bound. Raven torments them and makes them give her their security codes. Despite their pleading, the girls are gagged with packing and shiny silver cloth tied between their teeth. Left alone, they struggle but it’s no use. They slide down to the floor and manage to get their shoes off. They try using their toes on the knots but it doesn’t work. Raven returns to tell the girls that the robbery is completed…but she’s not letting them go. The girls are made to strip naked and end up bound on a bed with duct tape. Tape is wrapped around their mouths as well. After a bit more torment from Raven, the girls are left there. They struggle hard but can not escape their bondage. 27 minutes. A few minutes of fun outtakes are included. Scene #BG0762

MP4 1280×720

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