Hopping to Safety – Ember Stone, Miss Tiffany


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Hopping to Safety starring Miss Tiffany and Ember Stone
Two hot roommates have been robbed! Looking incredible in short, sexy dresses, Tiffany and Ember struggle on the bed, bound with silver tape and whimpering into their gags. They lie back on the bed and struggle some more. They kick off their shoes, giving you some great views of their stocking feet. The guy is still in the house and the girls know they need help. They hop all the way to the next room and sit in office chairs. Tiffany stands up and types an e mail to a friend. The girls hop back to the bed. The guy comes in and approaches the girls. But a siren is heard in the distance and the creep leaves the girls whimpering and struggling. 15 minutes. About 5 minutes of hot outtakes are included. Scene #BG0802

MP4 1280×720

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