Hopping Hostages – Odette Delacroix and Janira Wolfe



Hopping Hostages starring Odette Delacroix and Janira Wolfe
Two of the cutest girls around in two great scenes! First, tiny Odette is lying on a bed in a short dress and heels. She”s tightly bound with lots of rope and a strip of white tape keeps her silent. After squirming on the bed for a minute, she slides her shoes off and cautiously hops out of the room. She hops into the living room and struggles on the sofa. She then hops into the kitchen where she picks up a fork and tries to untie her hands. She hears her captors returning so she quickly hops back to the bed where she awaits her frightening fate. Next, Janira, looking gorgeous in a short dress, pantyhose and heels, is securely bound and cloth-gagged on a couch. She struggles hard but can”t get loose. Removing her shoes, she hops to the kitchen. She uses a fork to pick at the knots on her wrists but it doesn’t help. She hops back to the living room and scrapes her ropes against the brick fireplace. She manages to get her hands untied and, with great difficulty, she frees herself from all the ropes and runs off. Some brief outtakes are included. 21 minutes. Scene #BG0755

MP4 1280×720

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