Hopeless Hostages – Janira Wolfe and Star Nine


Hopeless Hostages starring Janira Wolfe and Star
Janira and Star give excellent performances in this tense crime drama. Intercut with the action are short interview style segments where they describe their ordeal. The girls are securely bound in chairs and gagged with white tape. They describe how they were kidnapped by thieves who wanted the security codes to the jewelry store where they work. At first, they are too frightened to struggle much and look around apprehensively. Then, they struggle but it is no use. They slide the shoes off their stockinged feet and try to use their toes to untie knots. They decide to try to get away and begin hopping toward the door. But they”re caught and end up back in the chairs with their ankles tied to the chair legs. They”re also blindfolded. Once again, their struggles get them nowhere. Next, they are in a closet and are forced to strip naked. They are made to gag each other and end up bound face to face with their arms around each other. 19 minutes. Scene #BG0759

MP4 1280×720

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